Press for The Jacklights

[Drift is] potentially to be one of the top records to come out of Boston in 2021.”

Dig Boston

The trio makes punk rock with a rare mix of beauty and grit.”

Razorcake (Print issue #125)

Reminds me a lot of Letters to Cleo's pre-Aurora Gory Alice output...but with a little more of a punk edge...[Eat the Young] is a really great fun punk song by a still brand new artist we can't wait to watch grow for a long time.”

If It's Too Loud

The Jacklights have developed amazing chemistry in a short time.” - Winter as WGBH Song of the Week

WGBH Boston

Each of the five tracks have their own personality, and immediately cements The Jacklights’ hook-driven guitar-rock that calls back to the best of ’90s alt and ’00s pop-punk.”


'Winter...could be seamlessly slotted into a playlist between Jawbreaker and Discount...thoughtful, heartfelt punk rock.”

Faster and Louder

Five tracks of bare bones catchy as hell punk rock...this self titled debut is one that deserves your attention and marks them out as a band to watch.”

The Punk Site

The Jacklights hold a tight dynamic as a new group, akin to that of a well-weathered band. ”

Allston Pudding